Friday, June 20, 2014

School Days... Carefree Life

These are probably the best days out there in anyone's life when we think that we grow up quicker and quicker and this feeling is much stronger as we reach adolescence. That’s like higher secondary (11, 12th Classes) classes when adenine is at its highest level and you feel like a gust to do something in life that others have never done. You work on this with highest level of energy. I was also highly energetic at my school time like others and since I represent MARS (those who know astrology, Mars is a planet that stands for spontaneous movement without much thought) and I always wished accuracy in life. I will get up exactly at same time every day and as the school bell will ring, I will run for home since school was just one block away from my home. Now at this point of life I stood for action. I will forget few homework books at home so in recess when mom will come to school to hand over lunch tiffin, I will ask her for any books that I missed. So in a nutshell, I will be on job at right time always but will never put mind to see what is required there. So I was like a carefree bugger moving ahead on whatever comes across in life and trust me it was a wonderful life. Finally the time when I moved from Junior Wing to senior wing. I had always studied in Hindi medium and was top rankers until now however now I had a choice to make. Either go ahead with Hindi medium or move to English medium with higher completion and almost a new place. My dad also wanted to study however due to family reasons, my father sacrificed his studies and got early in job. As a father he always wanted his kids to achieve something he wished in his life. Since my brother was a mediocre in his studies, he always looked upon me for his dreams. I saw his working most of the times doing regular job and then part time jobs so that he could make up for our requirements and we never heard No from him. If we ask him, he will just say think second time if it’s too important so we never spent on luxuries in life but met all essential requirements. So I went ahead with English medium section in the school. The day I entered school, most of my friends are gone in Hindi medium section and I had new people to meet there. New challenges to see…. Until yesterday in mathematics what was Har and Ansh has become Numerator and denominator. When I chose to take up English medium, I thought that it will not make much difference but I found that Hindi and English words just do not sound anyway similar. I was always shy of girls in life but it never mean I never notice them. I always liked girls with politeness and down to earth kind of... in my new class also, I noticed a girl and liked her. I will not say that it was a kind of love or something but it was just a liking... I never cared about love at that point since I was always on a Go... (Mars). One fine day, I found a chance to talk to her when I got late packing after school dismissed. She was sitting alone on her desk and writing some things. I went to my desk and packed my stuff and for a moment I paused and thought of talking to her and by now I know her name. (Attendance in class happens with name). I picked up my bag and started moving, I slowed down for a while when I was approaching her but as my heart started pounding, I just moved on quicker on my way to gate and went out. My heart was beating hard as if I saved myself falling from a hill. I moved slowly towards school gate, thinking if I should have talked to her or not… walking with heavy feet, I reached the main gate and as soon as I was out in the different world, I just zipped to home (mars.. no time to think back,, just go..). life kept going in same way as ever,, I will go to school,, come home, have lunch with some TV and then ensure to complete home work by 5 pm since I have to go for kite flying or to play ground, I will then come back by 7 and go to Temple for Cleaning.. Attend the prayers and the back home by 8.30 pm since my father will be back by 9 pm and I have to be back home by then. So overall I had many circles like at school, at playground, at temple and none of them had common people. I was good in studies so parents never bothered about what I am doing. They knew that I am only in 2 kms area of home so they can look over to what am I doing. Time passed and after a week again I was in same scenario where I came back to pick my bag and she was still working on some mathematics problems. This time I was more determined to talk to her. I picked up my bag and asked her “ are you not looking to go back home today?” For the first time she looked to me with her wide open eyes. My heart missed few beats while she looked up. With a cute smile she said, I am waiting for my bus and will finish my home work in mean time. “Nice idea”, I immediately second her thought and then put my bag back on desk and asked which subject she is working on. She said mathematics. Now I was not in hurry to go home (for lunch?? I am not that hungry anymore.. hahaha). I pulled up my note books and then started finishing my homework. I realized that in that attempt to sit with her and share time with her, I could finish my homework almost in half time. In next 30 mins we did our home works and that too the time just flew by. it’s like I was walking alone in park until now and now I am walking with her. Another guys saw us 2-3 times studying together and in no time he joined us in homework @ class sessions.. So like this for almost a year, I will finish most of my home work at school only. So I will say this was my first girl in life who pushed me to for my betterment since the ultimate output was that I was enjoying my homework better than ever.. This was my new friend circle in new class. What a wonderful start. I will try to favor her in sports, studies, in unit tests however as time passed I realized that I realized it was not love and its just that I liked her among others. I was now more concentrating as studies were getting harder, helping with home chores like glossaries, some marketing since now I can drive bike in 9th class so go near by places for errands etc.. also I was growing tall and she was still of same height so we kept moving apart in height wise line while going for assemblies, sitting in class (when taller ones sit in back) etc. so at no point, I was too serious about that girl however she was the first girl whom I liked and who got me in habit of finishing home work in class and gave me motivation towards mathematics which was my weak area
Finally, we wrote our 10th Board exams. I was pretty happy with all except mathematics in which I was really good. Reason??? Until last year there use to 30 questions in board exam and when I gave my 10th Mathematics exam, I just did until question 30 and never bothered to turn the last page of question paper to check as there were 33 questions (3 on the last page worth 6 marks each which I did not even bothered to look at) so my score in mathematics will not be out of 100. It will be 82. I just wanted to forget about it so I went to my Maternal Grandparent place and just forgot until I heard about results coming in a week time. Everyone at home had high expectation and I was really tense since I only know what I goofed up with mathematics, which is called a Scoring subject in India. Finally with God’s Grace, I scored good marks 80% in total and now was looking for a new start. So this was end of my chapter in secondary school and all friends there moved on and most of them I never met again. So that was the end of my second innings at school life and now the real struggle was to find a new school for my senior secondary education.

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