Friday, June 20, 2014

B Sc in 3 Days

I could recollect a short but unmemorable incident. Just the next day, I came back to Delhi with broken heart and shattered dreams of getting into an engineering college I saw and advertisement in newspaper for last few seats available in Shivaji College. With a though, what will happen if I do not get a seat even next year??? I decided to take a seat in the college so that I do not make it even next year at least I finish of bachelors of sciences in a good subject. Therefore, I picked up my bag and went straight to the college immediately. I was good in mathematics however not very strong in physics so I thought if I take physics honors it will help me to improve my physics therefore I selected to go for Physics honors. I filled up the form for physics honors and then went to the physics HOD… Mr. P K … he was a man who never opened his tooth so looks like he is always smiling. I went to him and there were few other students as this was the only college which had seats available. He had mark sheets for all the students. I greeted him and slowly pushed my documents to him. He had a look at the marks and was straight away asked me why am I coming for admission now. I could not tell him and I was roaming around the country for admission in engineering colleges when I got my name in first list for admission for most of the colleges I applied. I told him that I was sick and could not apply for admission and got late. He had only 2 seats available so he asked me for a commitment for not leaving the seat a later stage …. May be he was also aware of the fact that people leave off after 1st year once they get selected in engineering…therefore he agreed and signed on the admission form and asked me to submit the fees… as I immediately moved to college in the morning so I was not carry so much cash… I decided to pay the fee next day and came back home… now when I reached home everyone told that who cares for physics??? So I now want to move to mathematics honors…next day I was back in college with fee and this time I went straight to the Maths HOD for getting into Maths honors… he asked me to get the NOC from the physics and then he can get me in Maths… I went to PK sir again and I told him what my parents wants... He would have been much annoyed however cos of his face it looked he was smiling... I forward him the application for signing and providing me the NOC…his voice got harder and straight away refused me for NOC… I was much worried as this is the only college where I was about to get admission… I went to the Maths HOD again and told him the case... he told me to cancel my admission and then apply again. I told him that I have not submitted the form as I did not have the fee other day…. I laughed at me and told me that I am trying to change thing which I do not have… I am trying to change the stream when I am not admitted to college yet… I just had the filed form in my hand…. this struck like an idea… I just tore off that form and picked up a new form… got it approved from HOD Maths and then submitted the fee again… this way I got admission in to B Sc honors (Maths) finally… this all happened in just 3 days and next I had my IP entrance exams the next week.

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Varada said...

in mumbai the general trend is itself to get admission in Bsc collages first and then start applying for eng n medical collages. later cancel the admission.