Friday, June 20, 2014

Struggle for Senior Secondary School...Looking for better school

Having scored good in 10th, my parents were in real high since I was the first person in my entire paternal and maternal family to score such good marks. I wanted to have a relaxed life so I chose to go for commerce but then dad was willing me to go for sciences. We talked to schools around us however its tuff to get in a new school as the seats are limited (typically 10th class students move in 11th in class n same school). We heard of a school which was very well known in our state and had a good reputation but getting in a school is not easy in Delhi when you do not have power or money. I was from a lower middle class so had neither of them. So here comes what is your destiny in actions. I talked to one of the person how was working for a political leader for our area and I never talked to him before since in our entire society was following on political party (which that person was head for our area) and our family was with other party. I was sitting on deck outside home when he saw me and called me if I have any problem. Since I was already struggling with admissions, I told him the entire story. He got up and told that being followers of different parties should be a reason to stop a bright student of society. He just called his one of the person and took me directly to office of party chief and he called one of the very reputed school which I was not imagining for my list since it was quite expensive and really high standard one. The principal told them to come and meet. He immediately asked one person to take me to School and talk to principle and get things done. When I reached there, principal entertained us friendly and told that this branch was good for Commerce and redirected us to another branch which was good for sciences. Now we headed to the other branch to try our luck there.
We reached the school and then we got time to meet principal. Principle checked my marksheets and asked me to submit the all of those and along with fee and meet me the next day. We went to office and then instead of submitting original we submitted the photocopies since originals are really important and no one really asks for them. Even office staff asked me for photocopies. Now next day, I went to school again and principle called his assistant to get my papers from Office. He came in a while and he was fused to see the photocopies. He just threw them and asked that he told to submit the originals. I told that I have originals with me. However he was not ready to listen to it. He just told me that he will not give me admission and told me to leave immediately. I was like shocked and with very heavy feet, I went out and then after waiting a while headed back home. I just reached home and mom was eagerly waiting for me. She just told that there was a call from school asking me to show up again. I was like what is happening. Anyways we got back to school but this time with my aunt. She was all determined to ask principle how can they make fun of the kid without any intentional mess-up however the time we reached school, the peon recognized me the main gate and told that he was running after me when I left school since principal later realized that he did wrong in fist of anger.Peon suggetsed us to immediately to move to Principal room. This time he was calm and he told that he will give me admission. So there are 4 fixed subject, Physics, Chemistry, mathematics and English and One can chose 5th Subject from Computers, Mechanical Drawing (MD) and Biology. Since I never wanted to be a doctor as I could see that its impossible for my family to take that burden (first hard time studies where I was really bad in Mugging up things rather I am a logically driven person, then you spend thoudsnds on coaching and then on entrace and then on donation to get into a college and then your cost of books, materials, instruments etc., then you do just not MBBS but also 2 yers rural internship and then finally go with MD so you almost spend your all life just studying and spending and when you get into professional you almost have like 50 Lacs of loans to pre pay and then you make best to make money from all ways until you pay back what you spent and then make your own clinic and make higher status) so I see Doctors (when I mean the real life saving doctors caring for their patients are like Priests and that why they are next to GOD for saving our lives) as a profession where you almost sacrifice your life for well being of humen and people around you but today its changing and its a profession to make good money. Not to hurt feeling of a doctor but is just my perception since I needed something that can help me to support my family quicker so my obvious choice was MD and this school had the best faculy with proved record for last 18 years for that MD teacher. He offered me to take Computers as one of the optional subjects since Computers was new there and not may students were opting for it. I never touched computers in my life until that tiem so studying was a horrible plan. Since I scored low in Mathematics, he asked he will take 3 tests each for 30 marks and if I score less than 27 in any of them, I will not get admission with MD else I have to take computers. I took 3 tests in school library and submitted answer sheets to teacher. In about an hour, peon called me again and asked me to come to principal room. I found principal and math teacher talking there and I entered in the room. Principal congratulated me that I scored 29, 28, and 28 in 3 exams and could now be a part of school with my MD subject so this was my fist start to stay way from computers and again I was successful but my destiny had something else planned (to make me a computer software engineer only). We went back school with happy mood and finally I was a part of much required prestigious initiation now.
Though my father already had arrangements however I knew that the fee of school was not a small one for my father. My monthly fee was almost half the his salary so today when I think back, I cannot imagine how he managed that and I must that he was the greatest person I see in this world who managed this all with other family responsibilities  and never let anyone of us down. The time he left us in 2005, he had a real wonderful life with own house and vehicle to commute so the he is an idol who incarnated same features in me to struggle, fight and come out of all the odds of life and this is today my greatest efforts that thought the Results are not in your hands, they may not be favorable but working hard and hard and harder is in your hand for sure.
Life in school was just like fine. Some more hours of studies, no crushes to talk about, not many highlights in those 2 years except my first day encounter with a girl who extended her hand to say hi to me and I just could just react to her for a hand shake :-)

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