Friday, June 20, 2014

Panga with boss@school

Life was getting better and I was happy with my studies however the greatest pain was English or I should thank my teacher who always stressed on newspaper and not the text books. In fact, my exams used to be from the newspaper. I was a little surprised however I realized this once I got into 12th class and all of us would know things that were difficult for a normal person. I passed out my 11th easily with better scores and then I was happy with my performance as well. One fine day I was returning from ED class and I had few chalk pieces in my hand. As usual being naughty and full of energy, I kicked a piece and it went to the garden,.. then second.. then third but what is the problem with dam fourth one.. i missed it once.. i picked it again and kicked again.. it went straight through a windows....guess what.. it hit the physics teacher table through the windows of physics lab…. I was like dead numb… no action no reaction...suddenly I heard a shrill sound who is this? I woke up as the the sound hit my ear drum.... I entered the room and I was standing in front of the physics teacher…. This is for the first time I was in front of the teacher something I did by mistake… I could not utter a single word...standing like a live statue… she kept asking me question and I could not reply.. she said if I am a dead person … which school I come from… what have my parent thought me.. rest I just could not hear... as they could not get through my ears… the fact was she is my class teacher.... I was literally about to cry when she told me to get out… thanks there was no one else the assistant... I came out of the lab moved to the class room and behaved as nothing has happened but i was afraid from inside and trying to clam down an concentrate on the next class... the Maths class.... I came home and then I was thinking of the options to patch up…. The next morning I went to temple… got some good prasadam (with coconuts and fry fruits..)… The first thing i did at school was to go straight to physics lab and offered her the prasadam ... and before she could resist further I said her sorry about the incidence.. she took is lightly and told me to take care in future.. I was happier now… this... that day i realized that reacting and handling sharply to vivid situations is the born nature of a north Indian... or and best way to get close to some one is either by food or by respect. I tried both and they worked.. born Delhities- know how to please people... anyway now my life was a little cool and i was comfortable now..


Varada said...

ha ha.. cool man, ur blog reminds me my days in school n collage and inspires me to write blog on the same, Prashant would be most happy to read those :)

Nibha said...

Ur stories r so interesting.... Well i think u look smarter when u laugh and CHAMPU when u cry(talking abt ur class 12th incidence)..M surprised that tears also know the way of varun's eyes.Be happy and smiling always to remain SMARTER.